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Established in 1968, Danos is the leading real estate agency and valuations company. We provide our clients with real estate consultancy services across the market of Greece, Cyprus and Serbia. We pride ourselves in offering a professional service that places our clients first.

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Danos Greece has a co-operation agreement with BNP PARIBAS REAL ESTATE

Headquartered in France, BNP PARIBAS Real Estate is one of the world’s leading real estate services companies operating in more than 37 countries. BNP PARIBAS Real Estate exists to build long-term relationships with clients and to demonstrate continual excellence in order to help clients build profits, grow their businesses and achieve their ambitions.

BNP PARIBAS Real Estate and Danos Greece formed a strategic alliance in 2008 and as a result work collaboratively on a number of residential projects in Greece, Cyprus and Serbia with BNP PARIBAS Real Estate bringing a broad international expertise and Danos Greece providing a deep knowledge and base of experience duly adjusted to suit the local market conditions.

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