Danos operates through the following sectors and departments:

Sector Valuation / Property and Project management services

Sector Valuation / Property and Project management services provides mainly valuation services, project management, development studies, property management services, consultancy services for investments and general property issues. According to the project in hand, advisory services in planning, development advice and market research are provided in collaboration with Sector Agency / Market research services.

Sector Agency / Market research services

Commonly with Sector Valuation & Management, it cares for planning & development advice and property & market research. Sector Agency / Market research services provides specialised services on residential, commercial, retail, industrial and leisure property, whether we receive an instruction from occupiers, owners, seeking to lease, buy or sell.

International Department

This Departments main function is to liaise with affiliates and colleagues all over the Globe on matters related to Real Estate advisory services, market research & analysis and marketing techniques. Further, the department is responsible for the company’s International representation and contact with foreign clientele such as banking organizations, multinational companies and so forth, serving their needs as regards to acquisition of property, office re-location, investment advice, corporate management, valuations and consultancy services in general.

Legal Department

Property acquisition, development and differences/disputes require specialised knowledge and experience on issues such as, expropriation, legal formations, necessary proceedings and available relevant options. This Department has lawyers who specialize on property and may advise and/or represent Danos clients accordingly.

Finance & Human Resources Department

Responsible for all the financial and personnel matters of the company and for providing such services to the clients of the company.

IT Department

This departments task is to support our company hardware and software and provide relative services to the company’s clients.

Quality Department

In charge of quality and organisational matters. Also responsible for the coordination, promotion and assurance of company services quality.

With the combined efforts of these departments / sectors, projects are executed with speed and efficiency, all information is passed between the divisions and where services overlap the sectors/departments unite to achieve the optimum results for the client.

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