• Property Surveys / Building Inspections
  • Rent and Lease Reviews
  • Repair and Renovation Programmes
  • Facilities Management
  • Taxation and Legal Advice

Good estate management recognizes the partnership between the Landlord and the Tenant. Danos offers an integrated property management service that is designed to maximize the value of assets for owners, investors or occupiers.
We provide our clients with comprehensive advice on acquisition or disposal of properties. Our group identifies investment opportunities as well as evaluates and manages corporate assets to enhance value, retain liquidity and increase efficiency for our clients.
The experience that we gained through the years from the domestic market gives us an extensive knowledge of financial matters as well as access to major buyers and sellers.
Our firm may offer building consultancy services in collaboration with qualified Surveyors. We can offer services in relation to the development appraisal and design. We offer a wide range of building maintenance and refurbishment services for old buildings.


  • We support our Customers with a multi – country perspective thanks to our strong European network
  • Our Customers receive cost efficiency and performance through our integrated and flexible FM solutions
  • We guarantee to provide our Customers with a transparent and consistent vision thanks to innovative reporting tools
  • Our Customers have an improved quality workplace environment through our quality Management system, which aims at minimizing impact on the environment
  • Our Customers have access to the best FM practices resulting from our continuous technical and regulatory watch and extensive experience at European Level

The leading European provider of Total Facility Management solutions


DANOS offers your company a consistent and transparent approach to manage your facility services across Europe. Our pragmatic approach is based around your needs, helping you to concentrate on your core business whilst we deliver effective and measurable results and improve the working environment for your employees.
Our capabilities enable us to respond to the needs of companies looking for an outsourced FM provider across several countries in
Europe. Thanks to the experience gathered by DANOS in the provision of integrated facility management services, we can also address the needs of customers looking for technical maintenance services or bundled soft services only.
Driven by our focus on customer satisfaction and our commitment to performance, we continuously develop our geographical presence and our technical capabilities and skills in a suitable manner to support you over the long term.
Let us introduce you to our partnership approach that we use.

A strong network helping you to provide services across Europe

Single point of contact to serve you across Europe

Facility Management activities in Europe are managed from a single contact point, with the support of DANOS / BNP PARIBAS Real Estate specialists in each area of FM expertise.

The single interface ensures through state-of-the-art monitoring and reporting systems that contractual commitments are met and that all customer requirements are rigorously monitored.

Tailor – made solutions
Whatever their customer profile or industry sector, DANOS supports its Customers in the outsourcing of facility and real-estate services through dedicated solutions, which take into account the local environment, specific customer requirements and conditions regarding service delivery.

Sharing best practices
Our Customers benefit from our FM expertise, shared over 5 different countries and enriched through different local approaches and cultures.
As an FM partner, it is our duty to inform our Customers about new practices and innovation within Facility Management field.

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